Southern California is full of amazing opportunities for taking photo walks/hikes. A little over a year ago I joined a group on Facebook called “As seen this day” and it inspired me observe and pay greater attention to everyday life. A gift of a DSLR camera from my Father kicked this interest into turbo drive.

Everyday I’m striving to improve my photography skills and learn more about Southern California. So this my journey on both fronts. Hopefully I can both share a little and learn a lot!

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  1. You have nice images from your walking photography–I recall seeing the empty missile sites before…they had to have been your images. Good luck on your photographic endeavors. And thank you for sharing your images.


  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and the follow, leading me to your beautiful photographs. It’s interesting how observational skills and photography improve each other, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to seeing more of your posts. Happy photowalking and exploring!

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  3. It’s amazing how our perception of photographs changes over time. Like you, I’ve had the experience of looking at older pics which back then I thought were great and now thinking “this needs some work.” I think we refine our ability to “see” as we go along.
    BTW, thank you so much for following Beauty Along the Road.


  4. Thanks for following our blog! Good for you for stopping and really “seeing” the day! We need to all do that and after our Camino walk – we certainly hope to take that attitude away with us.


  5. Hey, thanks for following my blog. I have been into taking photographs for a while and I have a lot to learn but when I go out and about I pay more attention to my surroundings than I did before. I will enjoy looking at your photographs πŸ˜‰


  6. Hi, thanks for stopping by and following Journeys with Johnbo. I hope you continue to enjoy my photos and travel posts. As a former Californian, I am familiar with some of the sights featured in your blog photos, though it’s been many years since I left the state. I will enjoy seeing in your future posts how the places I’m familiar with have changed.


  7. Although not much of a photographer myself, I do enjoy seeing the pictures clicked by others. The same object can be viewed in so many different ways…that’s the amazing part of photography, right? Some of your clicks are really good. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. Happy clicking!


  8. Lovely place of yours ! – and I believe you are right about the way we see things…we improve that eye almost every day wearing a camera around our neck! thank you for following me. I’ll be back for more.


  9. Thanks for liking our Naches Peak Loop Trail post. We hope you stop by MrandMrsSmithGoToWashington.com to see more. We love your photography and will check out more of your site.


  10. Thanks for stopping by Pauses & Clicks and following! I also have a similar approach to photography as the group you joined on Facebook. When I got my first iPhone and realized I had a camera with me at all times I decided to start posting an Instagram a day, taken on the day it’s posted. In an amazing way I started seeing my world I move through once again and now I’ve been doing that daily posting for over three years now! About a year ago I started printing them and giving them to people I meet in the course of my day and now the Intagrams have their own FB page!


  11. Thank you for the follow on my very new blog. i appreciate the encouragement!

    I have never been to southern California, but look forward to seeing it through your eyes πŸ™‚


  12. Hello and thanks for your recent visits and follow on my blog. I’ve had the good fortune to visit your part of the world a few times; Joshua Tree and Yosemite are amazing places to bring the camera. I look forward to discovering more of So-Cal though your blog. You too have a new follower πŸ™‚


  13. Hi there! Thanks so much for the follow. I’m pleased to have you on board Duniya Ku πŸ™‚ I admire your photos very much, and look forward to seeing the beauty of Southern California.


  14. Nice to meet you, swp. Some beautiful images here in your blog. And i really have to agree with Anita’s comment above –
    “It’s interesting how observational skills and photography improve each other, isn’t it?”
    In any case thanks for visiting pix & kardz and for following my blog. Much appreciated. Have an awesome day! πŸ™‚


  15. Wow, a DSLR sounds cool. I have a simple point and shoot camera but I enjoy shooting with it. I have just started to know my love for this art.
    You are very talented and I enjoyed your work very much.
    Thanks for the visit and the follows.


  16. Hello,

    Thank you so much for visiting my bog, that led me here πŸ™‚

    You have a some really interesting landscape images here.

    Enjoyed browsing through your posts… Have a beautiful day ahead πŸ™‚


  17. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog. I have to admit, I’m no fan of SoCal. Not the traffic. Not the weather. Not the mishmash. Not the traffic. I’m a die-hard NorCal loyalist. But, your photos do give me pause.

    It’s a start….

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