Old Dog Learning New Tricks


Old dog trying new tricks

For the past couple of weeks I have been learning the in’s and out’s of this WordPress.com site.
Now for the past couple of days I have put the same new skills to work on my own website. http://www.socalwalkingphotography.com I have never put my own site together before and I can tell you it is both frustrating and rewarding. I have truly felt like the old dog trying to learn new tricks. I seem to make more mistakes every day, this is a good thing because my kids are paying attention.
Even though I have wanted to throw the computer out a window I haven’t given up. I just walk away for a while and come back refreshed. So why put together a website? Getting into digital photography is easy then you get hooked. So If I can have Google kick in a little cash for gas good for them! If you have liked my photos in the past, please subscribe to the site. Eventually, I’ll figure out how to get it back to face book!

3 thoughts on “Old Dog Learning New Tricks”

  1. Love the photo! Even though it has been a few years since someone encouraged me to explore the idea of starting a blog to display my photography, I still remember the frustration.
    That frustration will give way to the more enjoyable aspects soon enough 🙂


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