La Piedra State Beach Part II

The West end of the beach is rocky cobblestone that forms a natural tide-pool when the tide is out.  Unless the tide is out you can’t get very far by continuing on to the West.  The rocky shore gives way to stretches of sandy beaches.

La Piedra State Beach Tide Pool La Piedra State Beach


erosion La Piedra State BeachLa Piedra State Beach BluffsLa Piedra State Beach Bluffs La Piedra steps

Finally, the correct way in and out. Truth be told, the first few steps weren’t much easier that the wrong path I took on the way down.

La Piedra State Beach Bluffs



First time visitors to the beach heading down the path in flip flops. Flip flops are good way to break you ankle as you get close to the bottom.

La Piedra steps


La Piedra State Beach

One last look at the ocean before the path back to the car.

La Piedra State Beach

It’s tempting not to pay the parking machine but the Park Rangers make frequent stops.




4 thoughts on “La Piedra State Beach Part II”

  1. In Richard Henry Dana Jr.’s Two Years Before the Mast he beautifully describes California beaches. It was published in 1840. Much has changed but much remains the same.

    Greetings from the midwest where I love my Great Lakes Beaches. Nice photos.


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