Decker Canyon State Route 23 – Sidetracked



This morning I set out to take Decker Canyon from Westlake Village to the ocean. To the best of my knowledge Westlake Village Blvd. ends at Protero Road. If you keep going straight you are now on Decker Canyon. Portions of the road also is part of Mulholland Drive.

Decker Canyon is not for everyone. The hairpin turns and steep elevation changes make it a favorite for motorcyclist and road cyclists.

IMG_5260Who you gonna call? Not emergency services that’s for sure.

IMG_5263 IMG_5266I am one fr getting out of the car and doing a little exploring. This steep service road led to an amazing view.




IMG_5289If this little property looks familiar than you may have seen it on an episode of American Pickers. There is a complete mock town in there.




Deep into horse country.IMG_5304 IMG_5306I did not notice this at first but there are two small signs to either side of the gate. The sign on the left is a gun and it reads we don’t call 911 and the one on the right is a torso head target image that read there is nothing inside worth diving for. It is riddled with a few bullet holes.

IMG_5308 IMG_5317 IMG_5321The Backbone Trail crosses the length of the Sana Monica Mountains. The trail is broken down into multiple segments. One day I might try and do the trail. Today was not that day.

IMG_5326 IMG_5328 IMG_5332As Yogi Berra was quoted “When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It!“. I stayed to the left on Decker.

So why was the trip to the Pacific Ocean via Decker Canyon sidetracked? I saw a sign for Charmlee Wilderness Park and my ADD licked in and went in a different direction….

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