LA96C Nike Missle Site – San Vicente Mountain Park

So what was LA96C? LA96C was one of 16 missile control sites established around Los Angeles during the Cold War. The site was abandoned in 1968 and sold to the city of Los Angeles in 1995. LA96c is now the San Vicente Mountain Park.

IMG_1681The structure was the base of a radar platform.







At 1,950 feet, LA96C occupies one of the highest points in the city. On a clear day you can see from Downtown LA out to the ocean.

IMG_1690 IMG_1690-2IMG_1693IMG_1688 IMG_1688-2

Directions: From the San Fernando Valley, the park is accessible from San Vicente Mountain Park. From the 405 freeway, take Mulholland Drive west 2.7 miles. A ten minute walk on a fire road will bring you to the trail and park entrance.

Address: 17500 Mulholland Drive, Encino

Park Features:




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