Emma Wood State Beach Group Campground & Seaside Wilderness Park

My first visit to Emma Wood State Beach was on a camping trip my son & I took with the Boy Scouts. As far as a campground is concerned it was a miserable experience. The campsite is located right next to the train tracks and every time a train slowed to go through Ventura it would blast its horn. If the horn wasn’t blasting the trucks coming down the 101 Freeway filled in the gaps between horn blasts.

Sounds like a paradise. Well it is a great place to spend the day. if you are planning to just spend the day park on the street and walk in to the park. After entering the park walk through the gate and straight ahead to the beach.


To the right is the more natural beach to the left is a rocky beach. Why choose sand? I can find a sandy beach all up and down the coast.


I hiked down to the edge of the Ventura Fairgrounds and back. The pictures are from the hike back.

IMG_4070 IMG_4071-2 IMG_4071

The wetlands are the mouth of the Ventura River.


In the tall grass that surrounds the bridge are homeless camps. It is referred to as the Hobo Jungle. Do yourself a favor and resist the urge to explore.

Just north of the fairgrounds you can find a circular concrete pad. It was high tide when I was there so I could not get a decent picture.


IMG_4126  IMG_4139 IMG_4140

I guess you could this a rock garden. The rocks are stacked this way by a local who accepts donations. I tipped a few bucks since I was taking pictures of his work.


The sound the water makes as it recedes back into the ocean was amazing.




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