Lake Hollywood


There are three entrances to the Lake Hollywood trail. The trail is more of a walk since it is paved. I started my walk at the Tahoe gate located at the corner Lake Hollywood Drive & Tahoe Drive. At this gate there is no public parking spots so I parked on Tahoe Drive.


For a good part of the hike your views of the lake are blocked by trees and a 10′ chain link fence.  This picture is shot through a gap in the fence that can be seen in the top right corner.IMG_7097

This picture was shot through a gap in the fence that can be seen in the bottom left corner.IMG_7103



From the Mullholland Dam you get great views of the Lake with the Hollywood sign in the background. Facing the other direction there is a good view of Hollywood.


After leaving the Dam on the return trip to the car.


  • No direct access to the water.
  • Trail is 3 miles long going around both the upper and lower reservoirs.
  • If you are planing to use a tripod the dam is halfway through hike.
  • Partly shaded
  • The Lake was built in 1924 with the construction of Mullholland Dam
  • The trail is a service road maintained by the LA DWP open for the use of the general public
  • Virtual Museum

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