A great night to be at the lake – Sunset

Yesterday afternoon I stepped out of my house to see this dramatic sky.  I ran back in the house checked Suncalc.net so I knew where the best place to set up would be , grabbed the camera bag and drove down to the local lake.


I arrived in plenty of time so I quickly went through my check list:

  • Extra battery √ – Nothing hurts perfect conditions and the battery dies.
  • Extra Sim Card √ – Part of my learning curve is always have extra sim cards.
  • Charged Cellphone √ – The phone is great for apps to track the sun and light conditions but it helps pass the time while waiting.
  • Notes from previous trips to the lake √
  • Ability to control the weather – Not Happening

IMG_4788 IMG_4791

IMG_4800  IMG_4827

The lake is only two miles from the house but in the twenty minutes it took for the sun to set the weather completely changed. These are not the sunset pictures I was hoping for, yet I’m happy with them. Going out for a sunset shoot was not on my agenda last night, but my gear was ready and I knew my location so I was prepared. Plus after 3 straight days of 100F+ temperatures a night on the lake was a great place to be.


20 thoughts on “A great night to be at the lake – Sunset”

  1. SUNSET is my favourite time and these photos do it justice.
    They are all beautiful and you captured a perfect natural moment.


  2. Your first picture outside of your house I like the best! The sky is stunning. Lake photos are beautiful as well. The weather is getting cold here in Ontario Canada. I am missing the warmth of summer already.


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