LA Central Library

This is the first walk I have posted. I did not have a blog in mind when I took these pictures so I would have approached many things differently. I would have taken more pictures, taken notes and done more research before I set out to take some pictures. Last I would have allowed much more time. As this is my first post I am sure I will be revisiting the Library again in the future.

The Los Angeles Central Library is a great place to start exploring Downtown Los Angeles. For this trip I took the Redline Subway from North Hollywood to Pershing Square station. From the station I headed north on 5th street  for two blocks and you will reach 5th street and Grand Ave. On my walk I continued on 5th street to the North Entrance.

LA Cenral #1

From this vantage point you can make out the pyramid atop of the library. At the very top of the pyramid is the Torch of Knowledge

Gate on North Side of the LA Central Library

These gates long 5th street are labeled  with various academic disciplines then translated into various languages

DTLA Central Library #3

This is above the North entrance to the Library. At this time I have yet to determine what it is supposed to represent.

The following pictures a are small sample of what can be seen at the library.

IMG_4667 IMG_4676 IMG_4677

The Illuminated Globe

Weighing in at one ton the globe chandelier is  directly underneath the library pyramid and  is composed of cast bronze. The globe is surrounded by a ring containing the signs of the zodiac and is lit by 48 lights.

IMG_4651 IMG_4681

This eight story expansion to the library opened in 1993 and is dedicated to former mayor Tom Bradley.


This is the original Torch of Knowledge that was atop the pyramid when the library opened in 1926


In the center is the Statue of Civilization with two sphinxes on either side. I will be looking into more detail on this display.

IMG_4702 IMG_4690

Western Entrance to the Library. Two figures are depicted with the names “Phosphor” and “Hesper” these are the names the Greeks gave to the Evening Star and Morning Star. The Latin saying “et quasi cursores vitai lampada tradunt” is a quote from the Roman poem De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of the Universe) written by Lucretius and can be translated to “And like runners they pass on the torch of life“.


As you leave through the Western entrance to the library you enter the Maguire Gardens. I will be adding more about the gardens later. While I was visiting I did not spend near enough time in the gardens.

The grotto fountain reads “Power Concedes Nothing Without Demand * It Never Did*It Never Will”. It is one of many fountains in the park. The gardens also provide a great view of the Bonaventure Hotel.


South Entrance to the Library on Hope Street. This is the best view I was able to get of the pyramid.

Thank you for taking the time to view my first post, I look forward to comments and reply’s.


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