SoCal Walking Photography Home Page


Get out of your car and explore what is all around us…

I ‘m trying out new layouts so pardon the dust

Advice please Static home page or straight to Blog posts??

4 thoughts on “SoCal Walking Photography Home Page”

  1. Gorgeous image. Regarding your question about a static post, I am personally not a fan.
    One blogger recently created a static page and no link entitled ‘blog’ or ‘posts’ and kept visiting and so I wanted to return the visits. And even though I kept checking it didn’t seem like there was any activity. Finally way down the side bar there was a widget listing recent posts which helped.
    My theory about static pages is – while it allows you to put a prominent image &/or info out there, imnasho it seems more user friendly to have fresh posts appear there while the important info could appear on the about page. Most bloggers check there anyhow if your blog catches their eye. According to my stats, that is the most frequently viewed page at my site, wirh even more views than my most-viewd post.
    Getting off my soap box now. Sorry about the long answer to your short question. 🙂

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